Interview with Wasunun Angkulpattanasuk


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- How have you discover ice hockey in Thailand, not a well-know country for this sport ?

I have discovered it by my older brother, he plays hockey because his teacher played.

- Could you describe succinctly the national Thai hockey league ?

In Thailand we donít have the national Thai ice hockey league because we donít have enough support from the association. We have an ice hockey league that is organized by foreigners. Now, I'm playing a little league with the foreigners Ice hockey team (Flying Farangs). There are no teams outside Bangkok.

- Could you find some foreign players/trainers in order to help the improvement ?

Yes, in Thailand we have many foreigners players and trainers who can help our team to develop but we donít have enough support from the association. (You know that we should to give some money for the trainers)

- Are there spectators coming to the games ?

Some spectators are coming to see the Land of Smiles Ice Hockey classic (this year is on Oct. 23rd-27th in Bangkok, Thailand) I would like to invite you come to see this league. This year we have a women division.

- The national team of Thailand doesn't play in the world championship, only in Challenge Cup. When do you think we can find Thailand in Division III (or IV) ?

I think you will find Thailand national teams if we have enough support from our association.

- Is the number of players increasing ? That can be a first step in order to set a national team in the world championship.

The players in Thailand are increasing more than last year but they are too young for now. The new players are 9-15 years old.

- Do you take part in international matches, except for Challenge Cup ?

I need to play in the world championship and I know itís hard because I can only play with the women teams and there are not many girls playing ice hockey in Thailand. I could play in the Under 18 Challenge Cup of Asia ice hockey championship because in Thailand donít have any boy who want to be a goalie so the Thailand association tried to request to IIHF and the answer was Yes.

- How could you explain the men point of view towards this goalkeeper position in U18 ?

I think maybe the reason why they donít want to be a goalie is because they scare the puck or maybe they think that a goalie is not cool, canít shoot and canít make score so canít be a hero.

- How did you feel in the last U18 Challenge Cup 2012 in United Arab Emirates ?

I felt very nice, fun and excited. I was the only one girl in the tournament. My team protected me from another team because they had only one girl goalie. And after this Challenge Cup in UAE I have more friends.

- You have won the best goalkeeper award in this competition. How did you feel ?

I think this award is something that shows me I have done my best. There is nothing better than to be proud of yourself and make your loved ones proud of you.

- Do you think you can continue to play in one men team in the future, with your club or in national teams ?

In the national teams, I donít know but I need to play with them. I know itís hard for me to continue because everybody think that boys are stronger than girls. And if they want me to play with them again itís depending on IIHF. Within my club, I think I can continue to play with them, maybe in the second team.

- Are there some activities with local schools in order to show ice hockey for children/teenagers ?

I think we should show ice hockey for children/teenagers.

- Can Thai viewers watch the NHL on TV ?

I can watch the NHL on ASN (All Sports Network, a channel based in Hong Kong which covers American sports).

- Would you be able to go in a North American University to continue your study and improve quickly your hockey skills ?

I want to go abroad for studying and playing ice hockey, I think itís full of something new, experience, skill up and chance. And the most important is it will make me feel ďYeahhh, itís ice hockey, itís awesomeĒ I need this feeling absolutely happy >__< But in fact itís not easy to study and play ice hockey abroad because it requires a high cost. I think maybe if my parents allow me to join a camp abroad (in Japan, China, USA, Canada, etc) I will go for sure ! (A little excursive : my dream is go to Canada for playing ice hockey and watching NHL league. Canada is my favorite country since I was young)

- Last question, what can we expect for the rest of your career inside and outside the ice-rink ?

Now, I have studying and helping my parents working (Wholesale store). Maybe Iíll be coach in the ice rink but not now because I have no time. Anyway, please remember my name, Iím Wasunun Angkulpattanasuk, Iím learning about food and nutrition. When I graduate and go to apply to your company please get me a job, thank you in advance.

Interview by Antoine Baronnet (October 2012)


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