Hockey archives and player register : contributors

Registre et archives du hockey sur glace : contributeurs


List of hockey historians who contributed to the international player register and Hockey Archives.


Ross Carpenter – Webmaster of who has done a tremendous job in covering the Australian ice hockey history.


Jan Casteels – Belgian hockey historian and author. He made many groundbreaking discoveries on Belgian hockey.


Ernie Fitzimmons – The world’s foremost hockey statistician with the largest collection of North American player statistics. The player register in Total Hockey and the SIHR database is his brainchild. His hockey books are always packed with stats.

Connor Mah – Canadian hockey enthusiast and researcher who has done a superb job in finding a lot of Canadian (mostly) old players.


Filip Vidakovic – He helped out with Croatian league results.

Czech Republic

Miloslav Jenšik – Veteran Czech hockey researcher and author who is the foremost authority on Czech hockey history, especially the early years.

Petr Hubáček – He provided help to the archives.


Martin C. Harris – English hockey historian and author. The ultimate authority on British hockey. Have always gratiously shared information. He donated his vast hockey collection to the British library.

Stewart Roberts – Since 1976 he’s been issuing The Ice Hockey Annual, considered to be the Bible of British Ice Hockey. A very useful source for British hockey.


Kimmo Leinonen – Enthusiastic and very popular face in Finnish hockey. Worked as an NHL-scout, as a GM for Ilves and the IIHF. Finnish Hall of Famer. Always willing to help out.

Tom Ratschunas – One of the first Europeans who understood the value of proper player statistics, releasing stats packed hockey books for many years.


Marc Branchu – Ambitious hockey historian and author. Webmaster of this website since 1998 and major contributor to publish the player register.

Sébastien Bernard, Antoine Puentes & François Borel-Hänni – They helped to publish the player register and to translate the texts in French.

Pierre Vitalien – Sports author who did some great work on the 1924 Winter Olympics in Chamonix, uncovering some important pieces of the puzzle.


Horst Eckert – This late German sports journalist, author and historian was one of the pioneers in covering world hockey through his yearly Eishockey Almanach.

Ernst Martini – Was one of the first ones who covered the real obscure hockey countries. A lot of usable information came from him in the pre internet days.

Steffen Karas – Sports journalist and author who has done important work on old East German and Berlin hockey.

Stephan Müller – Hockey researcher and author who has done a lot of good work on early German hockey.


Peter Regös – Hungarian hockey historian who has provided valuable information on Hungarian players of the past, as well as Hungarian league results.


Tony Puma – Italian hockey researcher who has been a webmaster of" for many years. Has done a lot of important work on early Italian hockey.

Simone de Antoni – He helped to fill missing information about Italian Series B & C.


Shoichi Tomita – Former Japanese Olympian and World Champion player who proved information on some of the old Japanese players. Former Vice President of the IIHF.


Andris Zeļenkovs – Latvian hockey researcher who has done a lot of great work in uncovering the stories and whereabouts of some of the old Latvian players.


Zalias Kalnas – Lithuanian sports researcher who has been invaluable in researching old Lithuanian players.


Jan Groen – Dutch hockey historian who did a lot of great work in that field.


Harald Bråthen – Former Norwegian national team player helped out with information on several of the older Norwegian players.


Władysław Zieleśkiewicz – Polish sports author extraordinaire. World class researcher and one of the main reasons Polish hockey players are so well researched.


Zaur Antikov – Ambitious Russian hockey historian who has added valuable input by combing through old newspapers.

Aleksandr Arzhannikov – Russian hockey historian who has added and corrected a lot of information on old tournaments.

Vladimir Eroshevsky – Russian hockey historian who has added and shared new material through his research of old newspapers.


David Gordon – Very thorough and good hockey researcher. The most qualified historian and author on Scottish hockey.


Andrej Stare – Slovenian sports journalist and author who has done a lot of great research on Slovenian (and Yugoslavian) hockey over the years.


Frank Gonzales – Former Spanish international and an IIHF council member provided much needed information on Spanish players in the lower pools.


Folke Ejdersten – Have gratiously helped out with old Swedish newspaper clips.

Carl Gidén – Best hockey researcher available. Has done a lot of groundbreaking research on early European hockey and hockey around the world. Hockey author and a Medical Doctor.

Birger Nordmark – Ambitious and groundbreaking hockey researcher who has visited many libraries around the world. IIHF historian and author.


Franco Beffa – Hockey historian with what is most likely the largest collection of hockey stats in Europe. Always willing to help and a great resource.

Erik Garin – He provided results for international and Swiss tournaments.


Serguey Shklyar – Very thorough and professional Ukrainian hockey researcher who has analyzed and corrected many World Championship and Olympic errors.


Roger Godin – Knowledgeable American hockey historian and author who has done a lot of interesting groundwork on early American hockey. Curator of the Minnesota Wild.

Ben Hasin – A new star on the horizon with a very ambitious hockey project : Internationalhockeywiki. He works very fast and has great variation in his hockey research.

Bill Mallon – Orthopedic surgeon, former pro golfer and a leading authority on the history of the Olympic Games. Always very helpful by sending information on former Olympic (ice) hockey players.


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