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This site website contains new, results and articles about French and European ice hockey.

Its purpose is to gather the archives of ice hockey, for example the results of all European leagues from the origin. To fullfill this project, all contributors are welcome. YOU can probably help to make information about ice hockey better by sending reports, articles, photos, results, translations, and so on. Any collaboration gives more time for advancing quicker in getting backwards to put the whole archives we have on the site. For any further question, please send a mail to



... the biggest archives of European ice hockey results and standings, covering all leagues and all levels

... moments of ice hockey history, and also full stories of some clubs

... but also news, articles, interviews

...current results of the main leagues

... global rankings of the best clubs and countries in history

... and much more (anecdotes, top/flop, quizz...)



Memory of French ice hockey : French hockey lost all its archives and its memory, we would like to find it again by making the people have experienced it for decades involved

French players : covering any players who had played in France, with stats, presentation, photos, links to articles or interviews, etc...


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